General Information

General Information
Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum
Address 1-1-30 Zaimokucho-nishi Sakai-ku Sakai 590-0941
TEL 072-227-1001
FAX 072-227-5006
Open 10:00〜17:00
Closed Year-end and New-year holidays
Admission Free
Shop Sakai Ichi
TEL 072-233-2211

※ Free Wi-Fi may be used inside this building.

Floor Information

Shop Sakai Ichi

At the shop “Sakai Ichi,” you can buy all the best Sakai-made products, such as knives, scissors, incense, cotton products, rugs, kelp products, seasonings, confectionery, green tea and so on.

Takumi no Hiroba

“Takumi no Hiroba” is a room where you can learn Sakai’s traditional industries and craftsmanships like blade, bicycle, carpet, incense, chusen cotton, kelp and others all at once.

Sakai Hamomo Museum

“Sakai Hamomo Museum” is a good place to learn and get the world-famous Sakai forged knife. You can feel the true craftsmanship through a variety of knives and scissors displayed.

floor map

Shop Sakai Ichi Takumi no Hiroba Sakai Hamomo Museum